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Digital First Aid for Mobile Devices

Recovery Labs
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What is it

Botiquín Digital

First Aid Solutions for our mobile devices while we are adapting physical spaces to the digital age. Worldwide Innovation!

Digital transformation and a new business opportunity.

Remote or face-to-face service with the best qualified professionals.

Kinds of Botiquín Digital:

Charging Station Digital Platform Integrated Room Ambulance
Basic kit

Help & Charging Station

Smartphones charging station with remote specilized services.

Coffee shops, restaurants, petrol stations, small shops,...

Digital Platform

Digital Platform

Solution with specialized services to be integrated into the client´s web or App.

Loyalty and insurance companies, tour operators, travel agencies, shops, restaurants, hotels & resorts,...

Integrated Room

Integrated Room

First aid and specialized services in the client's facilities.

Headquarters, hotels, airports, embassies, events,...



First aid and specialized services for crisis management or outdoor facilities.

Outdoors concentrations of people, concerts, sport events,...


"I arrived in Madrid with my bicycle and my computer to work at the Climate Change Conference (United Nations). The first thing I did was turn on my computer and see that it did not start. Luckily, I discovered that there was a Botiquín Digital at the Conference, that -miracle of miracles!- offered FREE digital first aid to all the attendees of the Summit. The computer technicians opened the computer, determined that I had crushed the motherboard and had no easy solution, took out the hard drive to allow me to rescue the most important files, and, when I bought a new computer, they helped me set it up. For me, not having a computer meant not being able to receive emails, not knowing where I had to go to work, not being able to make translations. Intervention of the Botiquín Digital (Digital First Aid) was essential. I have no words to express my gratitude".
(Source: Our own translation)

Daniel Sherr - Nueva York, January 2020

"De cómo descubrí al mago bueno del País de Oz-FITUR 2020. Yo iba caminando por FITUR como hago todos los años y suelo hacer también por el ancho mundo. Mi móvil se había bloqueado, desde la noche anterior, en funciones importantes. No sabía yo que bajo el suelo de la feria estaba la senda de losas amarillas. Y éstas me llevaron hasta un puesto discreto atendido por dos hechiceros con bata blanca sobre los que campeaba un letrero: Botiquín Digital. Eran reales, cordiales y atentos. No había trampa. altavoz ni cortina. Tampoco esa superioridad entre amenazante y desdeñosa que suele rodear, como un mal halo, a los oficiantes de la secta informática. Ya, sin duda, habían dado gratis total corazones, valor y cerebro a leones, espantapájaros, hombres de hojalata y asistentes a FITUR, a tantas personas como yo que sueñan con médicos de cabecera y primeros auxilios digitales. Conmigo estuvieron, sonrientes, muy largo tiempo, solucionaron mi problema con el móvil y, lo que es más importante, me reconciliaron con su buen País de Oz de la electrónica, con sus inventos, su amplia visión del mundo y su entusiasmo. Hay nuevos senderos de losas amarillas hoy y en adelante. Gracias, hechiceros buenos, gracias".

Mercedes Rosúa (Writer) - Madrid, 2020



Face-to-face services and specialized remotely services.

Satisfaction increase.

Adaptation to digital needs.


Training in new solutions and technological services.

Greater attention.

Bidirectional communication.

Companies and Organizations

Digital transformation.

Agility and crisis management.

Better customer knowledge.

Improvement of their computer services.

New business opportunity.

Cost reduction.

Differentiation from competitors.



Press Clipping


"A First Aid Kit for our digital being will be needed soon"

“A First Aid Kit to solve any technological incident.”

“Our first client: United Nations.”

Coronavirus Innovation Map

“Coronavirus Innovation Map”

La razón

“After COP25, Ifema has trusted on Botiquín Digital to offer its services at FITUR”

Economía Digital

"Recovery Labs develops a digital first aid kit to solve common problems and incidents that affect the smartphones"

La razón

“Botiquín Digital, a pioneer initiative worldwide"

Antena 3

"A first aid kit for smartphones"

IM Hospitalario

"The smartphone, tablet or computer become patients who need specialized support, a Digital First Aid Kit"

Revista Enfermería Facultativa

"One of the pioneers in this area has Spanish DNA"

IM Farmacias

"A Digital First Aid Kit for devices that assist healthcare professionals"

Black swans

Do you know that there are black swans?

Call us now and we will tell you an innovation for your sector and a new business opportunity


Botiquín Digital is a service to tailor-suit your organization needs.

You are not our patient, it is your mobile device.

You choose the services...



Technological first aid to software updates, WiFi or SIM card settings, diagnostic assessment of your mobile phone, privacy or security recommendations, information about our specialized services,...



Service for information recovery contained in devices that have suffered physical damage (fire, water or any accident, etc.) or logical damage (virus, system reinstallation, accidental deletion, etc.) that don´t allow access to the information. More tan 20 years of experience.

Mobile Device repairs

Mobile Device Repairs

We collaborate with leading companies in the sector and all of them are certified by the manufacturers. Our repairs have the highest warranty and original spare parts.



If water is infiltrated in your smartphone, do not worry we have solutions to try to recover it quickly. And with the support and guarantee of the leading data recovery laboratory.

Mobile phone screen replacement

Mobile phone screen replacement

If you have a cracked or broken screen, you should change it quickly. Your screen will be replaced by our qualified professionals and with original spare parts of the manufacturer.

Mobile phone rental

Mobile phone rental

Choose the best available smartphone and tell us the days that you need. We have a specialized service for people who live abroad and they are in Spain for business or holidays and they need a rental phone for a few days or weeks.



Integral forensic computer service specialized in extractions and certifications of hard disk drives, email, calls, WhatsApp, or other digital support. Includes the Digital Crime Certification valid as an evidence for any legal litigation.



Secure data eraser program that certifies that the data withing your HD devices will be destroyed safely and irreversibly. Certified by CCN as High ENS in the Spanish National Security Scheme.

Recycling Devices

Recycling Devices

Sustainability processes applied to the reuse of devices and recycling of mobile devices with certification included.

Digital Tracking

Digital Tracking

Through your telephone number, we can get a diagnostic of your digital presence in the most important social networks.

Charging Station - Botiquín Digital

Our mobile phones always ready!

Charging Station, a solution for charging smartphones and device custody

Device Ready

Your device is going to be ready when you see the red light

Device Ready - Botiquín Digital
Recovery Labs

Recovery Labs

Recovery Labs is one of the biggest names in data recovery with more than 20 years of experience.

First company in Spain to obtain the certification ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System for its data recovery services, secure data eraser and digital crime certification.

Own laboratory with the latest technological equipment.

Highly qualified professionals with multilingual customer support service.

More than 40,000 EMEA customers (52 countries).

Botiquín Digital


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